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Foyer Entrance

More often than not, homeowners invest in gorgeous granite counters and pristine marble foyers and fail to take simple measures to maintain these natural stone installations in the years that follow.

While granite and marble are known for their durability, these materials can develop scratches, chips, stains, and even cracks over time.   Their lustre can be inadvertently affected by the use of improper cleaners that can dull the finish.  Acidic substances will etch the surface and leave your stone impossible to clean.

Most homeowners wait too long to call a professional to address minor damage.  They will spend years focusing on the imperfections only to have them taken care of when they go to sell their home.   Realizing that these imperfections are a deterrent to future homeowners, they will have deprived themselves of years of enjoyment. According to Master Stone Restorer and founder of MARBLEMaster,

all natural stone surfaces, whether honed or polished, require an occasional maintenance visit performed by a skilled professional in order to avoid high restorative costs in the future.  Having these surfaces polished every 3-5 years will prolong the life of your stone, protect your investment and give you continuous satisfaction and pleasure.”

Don’t be robbed of years of enjoyment…Call the professionals at MARBLEMaster for a free technical evaluation.