Commercial Maintenance

Commercial VehicleWhen your stone becomes dull and unattractive, the logical thing to do is to repair and restore the stone to its original lustre.  However, the key to continuing to enjoy your investment, lies in establishing a regular maintenance program.

In large commercial projects where there is a high degree of foot traffic, periodic maintenance visits are necessary in order to prevent irreversible caused by salt residue, moisture and regular wear and tear.

The value of the Maintenance Phase is often underestimated; however, these visits are critical in detecting significant problems which can be addressed in a timely manner before they pose a serious concern.

Through periodic maintenance visits you will:

  • Prevent irreversible damage;
  • Minimize the cost of future restorations;
  • Eliminate the need to wax;
  • Prolong the life and beauty of your stone;
  • Keep your floors looking luxurious and new for everyone to enjoy and admire; and
  • Maintain the value of your property.

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