• Stone - Timeless

    Stone will withstand the test of time; however, bringing it back to its original beauty takes time, patience, and years of practical experience.

    European trained, our skilled professionals combine traditional laborious practices with innovative and modern machinery to create a finish that takes your breath away!

  • Breathtaking Finishes

    From honed to hi-lustre mirror-like finishes, MARBLEMaster will produce the finish of your dreams in keeping with the harmony of your decor.

    Whatever your desire, we can produce clean, subtle lines of elegance and modesty or striking, luxurious gleams of wealth and opulence!

  • Dust-free Refinishing

    MARBLEMaster uses industrial diamond abrasives and dust-free technology in order to ensure a pleasant service experience.

    Extra care is taken prior to restoration to professionally tape adjacent areas, leaving them entirely unaffected by our process.

  • Pro Maintenance

    Professional maintenance visits are highly recommended in hi-traffic areas where the stone is most suceptible to damage and deterioration over time.

    Regular maintenance helps protect your investment and eliminates the need for a costly stone restoration in future years.

  • Love for Granite

    The enduring love for granite continues today despite rumours of it weakening in popularity. One of the strongest and less porous stones, it is an excellent choice for kitchen counters and vanities.

    Appropriate cleaners and periodic polishing will keep the love affair alive!

  • A Labour of Love

    Our love for stone allows us to see the splendor that once existed and to uncover the beauty trapped within. We strive to produce superior quality, long-lasting finishes that will surely impress.

    Our reward lies in customer satisfaction and recognition. Other accreditations include an A+ Rating and a complaint-free record.

Romancing the stone...

Our passion and expertise lies in reviving the beauty of all natural stone surfaces delivering a spectacular, luxurious and most importantly — a long–lasting finish.

Natural stone will survive centuries; however, bringing it back to life requires time, knowledge and patience.

MARBLEMaster possesses over twenty years experience serving commercial and residential customers throughout the greater Ottawa area. Our authentic European workmanship combines traditional practices and modern processes that reflect the work of true Masters in stone restoration.

We believe in delivering the most economical solution to our customers without compromising the superior quality workmanship which sets us apart from others in the industry.

As Masters before us, we take great pride in our work and will settle for nothing less than a masterpiece!

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.