Residential Services

Granite Island


Occasional maintenance visits are required to keep your counters and vanities in pristine condition.  With time, the finish may become dull or tarnished with etch marks, water spots, stains or scratches. We provide removal of all types of surface stains including rust, mildew and calcium build up. To prevent and minimize staining especially in areas exposed to acidic and organic substances, sealers can provide that ounce of prevention we long for as owners of natural stone.

Modern Marble Living Room Floors

Natural stone installations in entrances are sure to take the most abuse with dirt and salt being tracked into the home regardless of how careful one may be. Through an onsite visit, we are able to evaluate the stone itself and the degree of damage.  Based on our findings, a process will be developed to produce optimal results based on your personal preference.

Stone Coffee Table

Dining and Coffee Tables are stunning pieces that can add opulence and charm to any room. A gentle, manual restoration can bring them back to their original beauty and grandeur. Even cracks and chips can be repaired to produce a seamless finish.

Antique Fireplaces


Speciality pieces require a Master’s touch with manual restoration of delicate and antique heirlooms. The finish can remain honed in keeping with the old world charm and age or polished to provide a gleam of elegance and luxury.