Anti-Slip Treatments

For many property owners and managers of commercial sites, slips and falls on wet or dry surfaces can result in a huge economical loss, lawsuits and a lot of pain and suffering for the injured party.  It is quite common for a floor surface, originally deemed safe, to become unsafe due to constant exposure to moisture, dirt and grease that is tracked in from the outdoors.

Although most stone, porcelain and ceramic tiled floors are safe when dry, few actually pass the test when exposed to moisture, dust and regular foot traffic.  This is where anti-slip treatments can be instrumental in transforming those unsafe walking surfaces, wet or dry, into safe installations that comply with industry standards.

Acceptable Industry Standards:

As adopted by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), a reading of 0.50 COF (coefficient of friction) or above has been traditionally recognized as providing non-hazardous walkway surfaces.

MARBLEMaster is trained in the application of anti-slip treatments specifically formulated for various types of installations from granite, marble, porcelain and ceramic.  The various formulations of anti-slip treatments are necessary to ensure that the look of the floor installation is not compromised in the process.

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