Defective Acrylic Coating

Many years ago, it was quite common to find marble dining tables covered with a very durable acrylic coating.  Today, this trend seems to be making its way back for the simple reason that furniture manufacturers are often faced with customers who don’t know how to care for their stone.

This fairly new dining table had a defective acrylic coating which first cracked and then began to come off in sheets.  The underlying surface had been scratched deliberately to allow for proper adhesion; however, the lustrous finish prevented it from forming a solid bond to the marble top.

While acrylic coatings reduce the need for ongoing stone maintenance which is easier on the wallet, it has its obvious disadvantages.  Once the first sheet of acrylic came off, the homeowner realised that the marble looked much whiter and more beautiful without it.  A topical coating doesn’t allow the stone to breath and will alter the look and colour of the piece.  Eventually, acrylic coatings especially if subject to changes in ambient temperature will break down and deteriorate over time. Some coatings peel off or begin to crack but the most common concern our customers have is the scratches which cannot be removed. Acrylic coatings may also be used on stone furniture to hide deficiencies in the stone, such as holes, or simply to strengthen a weaker stone slab.

On natural stone surfaces, absent of topical coatings, everything is possible from removing stains and scratches and resurfacing the marble to whatever finish you desire.

With the acrylic coating removed, we were able to fill the holes with a stone epoxy mixed to match pigments in the marble top, grind the surface extensively in a “dust-free” process to remove the underlying scratches, and polish the marble to a uniform honed finish. Our work was greatly appreciated by the homeowner who felt compelled to thank us in writing:

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the work that Enzo and his team did on my dining table. It looks beautiful and feels as soft as silk – totally exceeded my expectations! Very nice crew too. I definitely got my money’s worth. Thank you

Sandra, Hintonburg