Finishes – Honed vs Polished

If you’re contemplating restoration or have a new installation that you’re not quite satisfied with, you will be pleased to learn that the finish is not written in stone.  It can be changed with a little effort and expertise.

Most often, during restoration, the existing finish is removed entirely through the grinding process.  At this point, you’re left with a clean slate to produce the finish of your dreams.

There are varying degrees of sheen in the polishing process, so it’s wise to be present.  The choices range from a hi-lustre, semi-lustre or you may even decide to go with the latest interior design trend – a honed or matte finish.


A polished finish exhibits a shiny high-gloss appearance allowing the highest degree of light to reflect off the surface and is often referred to as a mirror-like finish. The polishing process highlights the natural veins and grains by making the colours and tones more predominant and vivid. The result is a breathtaking and impressive finish that speaks luxury and beauty.

A honed finish, on the other hand, allows very little light reflection and could be the choice for those who have sensitive eyes.  Such would be the case if your stone installation is bordering along lots of windows.

There are advantages and disadvantages depending on the finish selected. Honed finishes may mask damage and therefore require less maintenance.  A honed finish may also provide more slip resistance making it more practical in certain installations.

When in doubt, please contact us for a free onsite evaluation to discuss the possibilities.

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