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Honed Island

Polished Carrarra Marble was restored to a unfiorm honed finish

Occasionally, a homeowner may find that the stone they originally purchased is not living up to their expectations.  Many factors can affect your long-term enjoyment:

  1. Lighting:  On a highly polished stone surface, an adjacent window with lots of natural sunlight can reflect tons of light and create that mirror-like surface that speaks luxury and wealth; however, it can become annoying and blinding over time.  For this very reason, some homeowners have opted for a more subtle finish that allows for very little light reflection.
  2. Stains:  Marble is often placed in kitchens as an accent piece; however, it can become quickly etched by acid and organic stains.  A honed finish, will be more forgiving and will help mask stains and etch marks.  A penetrating sealer appropriate for use on food preparation surfaces is recommended, and of course, occasional professional maintenance visits will keep your marble in pristine condition.
Before: The natural light coming into the room was so bright, your eyes would have to look away and the owners could not enjoy their cherished marble purchase.

Before: The natural light coming into the room was so bright, the owners had to look away and could not enjoy their bianco carrarra marble.

The kitchen island above was brought from a hi-lustre finish to a honed finish.  The entire surface had to be ground manually using a dust-free process and then honed to the desired sheen. During the grinding process, all existing stains and scratches were removed before commencing the honing process.

Altered Finish - Lustrous vs Honed

AFTER: We produced a uniform honed finish that would allow minimal light reflection and more enjoyment.