Before and After

Textured Marble Counters

The original jerusalem gold marble counters had become dull and stained over the years. Our skilled tradesmen brought them back to a stunning luxurious finish despite the difficulty of having to deal with an uneven textured surface. Quote from the homeowner: It took me a few tries to find a company to tackle our contertops […]

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Defective Coating on Marble Dining Table

Many years ago, it was quite common to find marble dining tables covered with a very durable acrylic coating.  Today, this trend seems to be making its way back for the simple reason that furniture manufacturers are often faced with customers who don’t know how to care for their stone. This fairly new dining table […]

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Altering the Finish – Marble in a Kitchen

Occasionally, a homeowner may find that the stone they originally purchased is not living up to their expectations.  Many factors can affect your long-term enjoyment: Lighting:  On a highly polished stone surface, an adjacent window with lots of natural sunlight can reflect tons of light and create that mirror-like surface that speaks luxury and wealth; […]

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Coffee Table Restoration

Marble is a stone that lends well to restoration because of the various tones in colour and the natural veining that occurs sporadically throughout the piece.  More often than not, marble will crack along natural veins. In these circumstances, we are able to create a natural looking vein along the break resulting in a seamless […]

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Terrazzo Restoration

MARBLEMaster performed an extensive restoration of a grey Portland terrazzo which was nearing 100 years in age.  The surface had been maintained over the years through continuous wax sealers and finishes.  The build-up had tarnished the floors giving them an old, dull and soiled appearance.  Blemishes of yellow stains, cracks, chips and widespread holes were […]

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Commercial Lobby

This office building lobby floor had gone many years without receiving a professional maintenance visit.  As a result, the agglomerate marble had lost its lustre, looked neglected and soiled.  Through a full scale restoration which involved grinding using industrial diamond abrasives and polishing, the marble was brought back to a spectacular, luxurious shine for everyone to admire. MARBLEMaster […]

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Statue Restoration

If statues have been neglected over the years, it is difficult to restore them to their original state. It is vital to maintain your stone statues before damage becomes visible. Cracks and chips will occur naturally as some stones have more veins than others. This can be skillfully repaired by a stone care specialist. Statues require […]

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