Condo Lobbies

Marble LobbyCondo lobby floors are subject to much abuse throughout the year.  Apart from the regular foot traffic bringing in dirt from outside, moisture and salt residue during winter months can cause floors to look etched and dull.  During maintenance visits, we remove scratches, stains and dull patterns and renew the lustre of polished stone surfaces.


The Medallion accent centre was made of a number of textures including dull matt tiles and lustrous finishes. A continuous homogeneous finish helps to keep maintenance costs down.

Even with a brand new installation, we are able to address imperfections such as a hazy appearance caused by grout residue and correct lippage making the stone installation better than new. Periodic maintenance visits are more economical and help eliminate the need for a full-scale restoration down the road. The purpose of a maintenance plan is to prevent irreversible damage and deterioration.  Another advantage is that property owners and their tenants will be able to enjoy a consistent, luxurious and spectacular shine throughout the year.