Terrazzo Restoration

MARBLEMaster performed an extensive restoration of a grey Portland terrazzo which was nearing 100 years in age.  The surface had been maintained over the years through continuous wax sealers and finishes.  The build-up had tarnished the floors giving them an old, dull and soiled appearance.  Blemishes of yellow stains, cracks, chips and widespread holes were […]

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Condo Lobbies

Condo lobby floors are subject to much abuse throughout the year.  Apart from the regular foot traffic bringing in dirt from outside, moisture and salt residue during winter months can cause floors to look etched and dull.  During maintenance visits, we remove scratches, stains and dull patterns and renew the lustre of polished stone surfaces. […]

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Commercial Lobby

This office building lobby floor had gone many years without receiving a professional maintenance visit.  As a result, the agglomerate marble had lost its lustre, looked neglected and soiled.  Through a full scale restoration which involved grinding using industrial diamond abrasives and polishing, the marble was brought back to a spectacular, luxurious shine for everyone to admire. MARBLEMaster […]

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