Statue Restoration

Mary and Baby 2If statues have been neglected over the years, it is difficult to restore them to their original state. It is vital to maintain your stone statues before damage becomes visible.

Cracks and chips will occur naturally as some stones have more veins than others. This can be skillfully repaired by a stone care specialist.

Statues require a very delicate repair and professional cleaning after years of dust build-up.  Many statues have broken or missing fingers.  These statues had gone many years without a professional cleaning and as a result they were very dull and had an old greyish tinge which made it difficult to detect the underlying stone colour and type.

Statue Before After 2You can see through the intricate carving around the neckline and crevices in the ripples of the garment the amount of dirt and dust that had accumulated over the years.

In churches, these statues are normally placed in front of candles, and even candle fumes can cause a statue to darken over time. Because these statues are extremely heavy to move, many times we paint around them and so we found brown paint drippings on the rear of the statues.

Bringing this statue back to life required a delicate manual restoration using the mildest stone care cleaning agents. A protective sealant was applied immediately after restoration to preserve and protect the statue for many more years to come.