Terrazzo Restoration

Terrazzo Before and AfterMARBLEMaster performed an extensive restoration of a grey Portland terrazzo which was nearing 100 years in age.  The surface had been maintained over the years through continuous wax sealers and finishes.  The build-up had tarnished the floors giving them an old, dull and soiled appearance.  Blemishes of yellow stains, cracks, chips and widespread holes were visible throughout the building.  Heavy foot traffic over many years lead to depressions in the stone in all hi-traffic areas.
Terrazzo Foot Depression MarksThe intent of the restoration was to address depression marks, wear patterns, and overall deterioration to the stone manifesting itself in holes, chips, cracks, dull finish and soiled appearance.  The restoration, which required taping, stripping, grinding, patching, polishing and sealing was a success!

Despite the obvious benefit to tenants—the joy and pride of being in a home that looks clean, fresh and well maintained, the restoration increases the value of the property, prolongs the life of the terrazzo installation, and reduces ongoing maintenance costs by eliminating the need to wax on an ongoing basis.